Newcomer FAQ

What time does the conference start?

  • Registration opens at 4:00 pm Friday.
  • Discussion meeting starts at 7:45 pm, but we encourage you to arrive early for fellowship.
  • See the SCHEDULE link for more detailed information.

What is the conference format?

  • Friday night’s meeting is a large discussion meeting
    • Facilitators call on people to share about communication.
  • For Saturday and Sunday’s sessions, attendees are assigned to smaller groups where everyone in the group has an opportunity to share on the following topics
    • Communication
    • Establishing Trust
    • Love and Tolerance
    • Financial Recovery
    • Practical Spirituality
  • Sharing is encouraged, but optional, in all meetings.
  • See the SCHEDULE link for more detailed information.

What are the dining options in Salado?

  • For information on Salado dining options
  • You are on your own for Friday night dinner and Saturday lunch.
  • Inn on the Creek and the Holiday Inn Express provide breakfast if you’re staying there.
  • Coffee, tea and water are available in the main conference area.
  • If you prefer bottled water, please bring your own.
  • Fresh fruit and cookies are provided at break times.
  • When you arrive on Friday, you will have the opportunity to sign up for Dine Around Salado for Saturday evening dinner.
    • You will select from a wide range of options, offering different types of food/price ranges.
    • Select the one that suits you best. (Dinner is not covered with your registration fee.)
    • There are limited spots at each, so be sure to sign up early for the best selection!
    • You will be dining with other conference attendees. Enjoy this fellowship opportunity.
    • Reservations are made on your behalf.
    • Cancellations/No-shows will impact the conference.
    • Dinner break is from 5:30 pm – 7:15 pm on Saturday.

We would like to attend but cannot afford the registration fee and hotel expense.

  • A limited number of scholarships are available.
  • Scholarships cover:
    • Half the registration fee
    • Two nights lodging arranged by the Scholarship Committee
  • You are responsible for all other expenses.
  • For details, contact
  • Scholarship requests must be received by February 15th.


Friday evening, after the discussion meeting, there is a Newcomer’s Orientation to provide further details and give you an opportunity to ask questions.