The Families in Recovery Conference is dedicated to AA and Al-Anon principles and focuses specifically on Alcoholics Anonymous Chapter 9, The Family Afterward. This conference provides a place where couples in recovery can “meet upon the common ground of tolerance, understanding and love” (AA, page 122, Chapter 9). We welcome all couples in a committed relationship.

  • Communication
  • Establishing Trust
  • Love and Tolerance
  • Financial Recovery
  • Practical Spirituality

The conference hosts small group discussion session on the following topics:

  • Parent / Child Relationships
  • Rebuilding Emotional Intimacy
  • Closed AA meeting
  • Closed Al-Anon meeting

The highlight Saturday evening is a Speaker Meeting; a couple in recovery shares their experience, strength and hope.

This year’s speakers are Chip and Angie B. from Destin, FL.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!